2011 Art Contest Results

1st Place -- Miss Jisoo Park
"Equus is Running Because of Jesus"

JisooPark Art Contest 2011

About the Artist:

Miss Jisoo Park is a 15 year old Christian from California. Jisoo is a sophmore at the high school she attends.

Jisoo writes, " I really like to draw animals with detail, and this is my first time to draw a horse.  This work was pretty challenging to me.  It is really hard to express a horse's muscle because of all the details and shadows." Jisoo's love for drawing started at an early age, "I started drawing when I was really young because my mom is a designer.  She has lots of information on art education.  When I was in the sixth grade, I made it my goal to be an artist like my mom.  I'm working on it now."

Native to South Korea, Jisoo shares how she became a believer in Jesus Christ,

"I am a strong Christian.  In the second grade, I met a friend who's father was a pastor. That was a turning point in my life.  I started going to church with her and I really liked it.  At that time, I was too young to understand about being a Christian.  I didn't really believe it, but when I moved to American, I found out Jesus is real.  He is my Father, and He is with me, right next to me.  I'm really thankful to God for my being a Christian and giving me a passion for art."  

Jisoo writes about how her artwork fits into E4T's 2011 Theme: "Equus-- Declaring the Glory of God!"

Jesus made everything in Earth. Nature, humans, and animals. Equus is one of them.  In my work, I tried to show that "Equus is running because of Jesus". He made Equus to move, He allowed Equus to be able to run, and He made Equus to be alive in this world.

 1st Place prize: Choice of two Art Lessons For The Sunday Painter PDF workshops by professional artist, Jamie Carter, DVD God Of Wonders, Alexander Scourby Audio Bible on CD, and artwork publication on eQuest For Truth website

2nd Place -- Miss Haylee Legg

"American Saddlebred"

hayleelegg Art Contest 2011

About the Artist:Haylee J. Legg. is a thirteen year old from Pennsylvania.  She lives with her hardworking parents and four younger sisters: Rylee, Shea, Caydence, and Olyvia. Haylee write that she enjoys many activities but says that drawing is her passion.

"I specialize in horses... My grandmother on my mom's side loved to paint, and also liked horses. I am often inspired to draw and do good works just like she did in her life. She is, and always will be, my role model. " 

Horses have been Haylee's favorite animal for as long as she can remember. Haylee tells us, "I love them for their beauty, help, and companionship...I have several favorite breeds, a few being the Gypsy Vanner, the Arabian, and the Thoroughbred.  I think they are the most beautiful thing in the entire world. I believe God knew perfectly well what He was doing in creating the horse on the day of Creation. Such a beautiful thing could never have appeared by itself. I have a dream of owning horses myself when I get older." 

 Haylee  adds, "I think that, without the horse, the past would have been very hard to cope with. Without horses, no mules could have pulled plows, or wagons, been transportation, either. So I appreciate very much what God has given us in the way of animals to do our bidding."

Haylee writes about how her artwork fits within E4T's 2011 Theme: "Equus--Declaring the Glory of God!"  

The American Saddlebred declares God's beauty through its grace and refinement. He shows the best of God's workmanship, in my opinion, anyway. His beauty reflects God's beauty. His companionship reflects God's everlasting closeness to us. If we fall out of the saddle, the horse will stay with you, protecting you until you are safe. It is the same way with God. The verse I chose is Job 39:19-25. It describes the horse as being ready to fight, anticipating the battle ahead. "He mocks at fear, and is not frightened; nor does he turn back from the sword" Job 39:22. Horses aren't "sit still" animals. They want to stay active, even if that activity is just a mere hour of exercise every day. I said it before, and I'll say it again: God absolutely knew what He was doing when He made the horse. He knew how much our progression through life would fall on the shoulders of a strong and willing steed. And I don't think the horse will ever stop influencing our lives until that great and awesome day of Judgment. 

2nd Place Prize:  The Wonderful Art of Drawing Horses book (Barry Stebbins), DVD God Of Wonders, and  artwork publication on eQuest For Truth website.

3rd Place - Master Reuben Kesler

Reuben Art contest 2011

About the Artist: Reuben is 13 years old.  He lives in Indiana with his family. Everyday, Reuben faces challenges as an innocent victim of FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) from the decisions made by his birth mother.  

Reuben and his adopted family want to tell others: "FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) is 100% PREVENTABLE!--Please Don't Drink While Pregnant!"  

Reuben has had a love for horses since before he could walk. He loves to ride and drive any horse that is willing to partner with him.  He has learned lots about how God loves us and wants what is best for us from seeing how horses relate to each other and to us humans.  He has two younger sisters who like to ride too. His biggest dream is to go live on a ranch out west.

Reuben writes how his artwork fits within E4T's 2011 Theme: "Equus--Declaring the Glory of God!" 

When a horse submits to it's rider, it is how we should submit to God. If we don't submit we may become a bad person or a person who does bad things, like a badly behaved horse.  James 4:7 says "Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you."  A submitted horse with a good rider can declare the glory of God thru their relationship to each other.

Another way to say it:

James 4:7 says "Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." What better way to declare the glory of God than to allow the majestic horse to be an example of how we are to submit to God. The best horse is better when submitted to a rider who loves him, cares for him and is wise. God is so much better to us than we can ever be to our horses but it is a tiny example of our relationship with God.

3rd Prize: DVD God of Wonders and artwork publication on eQuest For Truth website.