Equus in the Bible


Photos by Rebekah L. Holt, eQuest Photography

    Equus in the Bible

Rebekah L. Derr


    By reading the Bible, an equestrian will enjoy the references made to the horse, donkey and mule.  From these Biblical portraits we are able to glance into the past when equines served as means of transportation for great kings and peasants, gifts of royal price, beasts of burden, a mighty "soldier" in times of great calavary, the center of large commerce and most of all, the pleasure and pride of man. 

    Though there are multitudes of creatures, the equine is frequently mentioned throughout the Old Testament and has its place within the New Testament too!  We find the amazing story of Baalam's donkey who the Lord enabled to speak.  The grandeur and glory of King Solomon's kingdom captivates the reader with his cities of horses and chariots.  We are reminded of our "equine experiences" when reading about the mule who darted under a tree leaving wicked Prince Absalom behind on a branch.  We can envision the humble Savior gentling mastering a young donkey to ride in a Palm Sunday parade. In the book of Revelations, we marvel at the splendor and majesty of the conquering King of Kings on his white charger.   Yes, the attentive equestrian will relish the riches of Bible with it's amazing stories featuring Equus.

    The greatest appreciation for these animals is grasped when considering the way their Creator views them!   We find in Revelation 4:11 that God created all things for His pleasure.   Reading the account to Genesis 1, God created the Equidae kind on Day 6, blessed them and said they were good--in the same way He blessed all He created. The Lord was the first to enjoy His creation.  This joy has spilled over into our lives.  We too take pleasure the fruits of the Creation Week as we interact and care for our favorite animal-the horse, donkey and mule.   What a beautiful portrait of an attentive and interested Creator who planned gifts (before mankind's creation) to enhance our lives with pleasure!

    In the Book of Job, God Himself speaks of specific animals that declare His glory as an Almighty God.  Only fourteen animals are mentioned in Job 38-41.  Two of these are equidae--the horse and donkey.