About Us

eQuest For Truth is a Christian Apologetics Website for Equestrians.

eQuest For Truth is dedicated to teaching children, youth and adults about the amazing equuskind and providing Biblically solid resources to inspire intellects, challenge minds, and satisfy the hearts of those on their quest for Truth of God's Divine Word.

eQuest For Truth is a private, non-profit ministry that is run completely by volunteer man power and monetary donations.


eQuest For Truth's Writers: 

Mr. Arthur Biele

Dr. Jean K. Lightner

Miss Kaylee Hall

Miss Bethany Holt

Miss Mary Holt

Mrs. Rebekah L. (Holt) Derr

Miss Firn Hyde 

Dr. James J. S. Johnson

Dr. Jobe Martin

Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell

Mr. Mat Molens

Dr. John Morris

Dr. Jonathan Sarfati

Mr. Joe Taylor