Stand Up and Cheer For Life!

By Rebekah L. Holt


    Every first Sunday in October marks the time for Life Chain.  Despite the Life Chain being organized in a local area for 15 years, many people still do not know what it is all about.  Life Chain is a national event that thousands of people all across the United States stand publicly unified to honor the sanctity of human life.

    To support and celebrate life should be considered  a privilege for every Pro-Life American.  Working grassroots with the Life Chain and dedicating one hour once a year to stand for life is something almost all can do and make time for.

    My family and I have participated several years with others in our local Life Chain. For me, participating in this event means much more than just standing around, holding an educational sign for one hour.  It is an opportunity to stand to:

  • Remember that 1-out-of-4 babies are missing due to abortion. 1.2 million babies a year are aborted in the United States.1


  • Hopefully save the life of a baby today or tomorrow and a mother from life-lasting hurt. Research shows that having an abortion does physically and emotionally harm the mother.2


  • Honor the 2 million US couples a year that are waiting to adopt the "unwanted" babies.  If all the 1.2 million babies that are aborted in one year had been adopted, there still would be 800,000 couples waiting for a child to adopt.3


  • Honor the parents and caregivers of cognitively and physically challenged children and adults, who have daily chosen life and diligently, selflessly serve those with special needs.


  • Honor the elderly who chose and fought for life so the next generation of Americans might live to protect and defend the rights, lives, freedoms and futures of the unborn and living citizens of the United States.


  • Honor the physically and mentally challenged that look to the strong to protect and defend their lives, their freedoms and their futures.


  • In belief of the Bible that speaks of God's infinite value of human life in creating mankind in His own image, fearfully and wonderfully made (Genesis 1:27; Psalm 139: 14-16).

    Undoubtedly, to celebrate life is well worth the "trouble" of standing for one hour, once a year to make a public statement in honor of the unborn, the physically and mentally disabled and invalid, the elderly, and those of us who enjoy living because our mothers and fathers chose life.

    The first Sunday of October, come join your local Life Chain to stand up and cheer for the living and to remember those wanted aborted babies that are M-I-L, Missing-In-Life. Bring your family and friends!  Rain or shine.  Water, umbrellas, lawn chairs and strollers are welcomed! For more information about the Life Chain in your area, visit

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Please Choose Life!




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