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Brief Thoughts on the "48 Million Year old Pregnant Mare" Fossil

Posted by on in Horses in History
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The headline, "48 Million Year Old Pregnant Horse Found" (DISCOVER ENEWS, 10/7/15) caught my eye.  A new fossil discovery in Messel, Germany.

Red Flag! Is it really a horse misdated by evolutionary dating processes or is it a critter that's been conveniently plopped into the equidae family by human reasoning based on a theory?

Reading the article revealed, "Eurohippus messelensis was only first described in 2006. The now-extinct species was smaller than today’s horses, being only about the size of a fox terrier, and had toes: four on its front “feet” and three on its back ones."  Inaddtion, even after 48 million years, there remains soft tissue (according to the article).  

I asked Joe Taylor, Founder and Curator of the Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum to share his thoughts for eQuest For Truth:

I figured it was Messel Germany when it said it was in tact. Small horses as well as monkeys and other animals have been found in these shales. If this is Eohippus, I’m not convinced they were horses. They are like the Green River formation in the US. The animals there are essentially modern animals which makes me think both Green River and Messel animals were buried after the Flood of Noah. Some of the horses still have hair on them and grape seeds inn their stomachs.

It is probably correct that these oil shales were affected by continual oil and gas seepage up through the sediments and possibly, occasionally, a large gas bubble erupted killing any animals foraging there.

This excellent fossils does nothing to help the theory of evolution. In fact, I believe the other horses found there are indeed true horses. They were small, like miniature horses and apparently lived at the same time as the supposed Eohippus. I do not like the term “Eo” anything. It implies evolution or proto animals that evolved into higher forms baloney for which there is no evidence.

Joe Taylor



A look into the fossils of where horses that have always been horses are found is a great article topic. We need some young or beyond writers interested in Paleotology to step up and write such an article for eQuest For Truth. 

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