Equine Bible References


    The Bible is full of exciting references to the Horse, the Donkey (Ass) and the Mule.    You'll be surprised to find that God Himself used equines to speak to His people, to show forth His care and watch over man and to symbolize the magnificence of His glory.  

    Many look at the Bible as just a book of outdated stories and a dusty shelved  theoretical book of religion.  For the Christian, the Bible is much more.  The Bible holds a timeless message--not a proclamation just for today, but a message that has burned sublime since the beginning of time and one that will stand until the world's end.  As the written form of God's Word, the Bible serves as the Christian's rulebook for everyday life.

    As an equestrian, you will find that the Bible is true in its depiction of the equine.  God, as the Creator, was truly the first Equestrian.  Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was an equestrian.   It only makes sense for the inspired Christian horseman or woman to seek the scriptures to get the First Equestrian's perfect and timeless views on the equine.

    We've recorded the references here for your own study.  Get elbow deep in the Word of God and see just what part equines have had in God's special creation.

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