By Rebekah L. Holt

Thy truth reacheth unto the clouds... (Psalm 108:4b).

   I found myself asking this question.  What's the big deal about Creation vs. Evolution?   I already knew what I believed.  As a Christian, I knew what the Bible said in Genesis about God creating all things.   I was aware of the Evolutionist's claims of the Big Bang, man and animal coming from a common glob of goo over millions of years and other theories as well.  I was satisfied with accepting God as the Creator and forgetting about Evolution.

For the word of the Lord is right; and all His works are done in truth (Psalm 33:4).

   Today, I still know that God alone created this universe (and beyond) that we live in.  However, my perception of molecules-to-man evolution began to change when I began gathering equine resources to teach children about horses.  From breed registries, the internet, popular horse magazines and respected horse books, I found the underlying thread of evolutionary concepts and definitions.  I began to see how false and shallow many publications were when they addressed many horse's ancient heritage. I read the first chapter in the equine encyclopedias for the first time.  These pages were dedicated to the evolution of the horse.

His truth shall be thy shield and buckler.(Psalm 91:4b). 

    I remembered as a youngster equine instructors teaching as fact that horses' splint bones were rudimentary digits.  I recalled how just last year at an equine instructor clinic, man and horse were both considered "unpredictable animals."  The room fell hushed and silent when a few women pointed out men were made in the image of God and were not animals.

His truth endureth to all generations...(Psalm 100:5b).

   Teaching horse-hungry children certainly opened my eyes to the reality of Darwin's misguided ideology within the equidea world.   To learn about equines, children were having to sludge through a media and a society that force-feeds sugar coated deception [molecules-to-man evolution].  I saw the necessity of countering with truthful equestrian information on this website and in my equestrian instruction as well.

Truth shall spring out of the earth...(Psalm 85:11a). 

    For the Christian, this controversy is a real concern.  What are our children being taught?  Schools, textbooks, media and now society teach molecules-to-man evolution as unquestioned and "scientific" fact. Dogmatic evolutionists refuse to budge their claim of holding the answers to life origins and the keys to science despite the obvious problems with their hypothesis.

    What's happening now?  The average populous, the everyday common man are beginning to challenge these experts of evolution.  Highly credentialed scientists, educators, doctors, and other professionals are beginning to question the validity of Darwin's molecules-to-man model.  Despite what's being squelched in the media and courtrooms, worldwide men, women and children are beginning to see the fallacy of evolution.  These "challengers" have become an unshakable thorn in the flesh of biased, hard bitten evolutionists.  This is not a laughing matter to the faithful Darwinian.  Evolutionists see Bible believing Creationists as a threat to their exalted ground.

    For the Christian, the professionals and the everyday man, we should realize what's at stake here.  Are we to blindly sit by while our children and ourselves are being steeped in unscientific fallacy?  Children deserve to know the Truth.  They are our blessing and heritage.  And these children are the target for this battle.

   Creation vs.Evolution–this is a real issue.  Yet, as Christians, we need not despair. The Lord has overcome this world (John 16:33).  By establishing the Truth, His is the victory.  The Truth is there; It is sure, It is fixed, and It is the same yesterday, today, and forever. (John 1:1, 14; Hebrews 13:8)  Despite what scientists say, we do and can know how life began by God's word in Genesis chapter one. 

   We have the choice to disregard the truth or to embrace it whole heartedly.

What will you choose?