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Prepared for the Work of the Lord –800px-Roman Infantry 1.jpg-david-frielPhoto by David Friel

Wearing God’s armor is vital to our survival as Christians.  Created with a free-choice, it is sobering to consider that we can reject to wear or rely on the protection God offers us unreservedly.    Putting on His armor requires an active willingness. We would consider a modern day soldier suicidal to venture into war unprepared, lacking skills, discipline, or training for combat.  However, has it been considered that we too must be spiritually prepared, submitted to our Commander Christ that He might teach us His ways?

Following our Savior’s footprints is a march that will take one foot in front of the other for a lifetime.  Christ has set us an example, cut a path for us to follow, recorded His Word, the Bible, as a Map and Compass, and freely offers us the armor He wore and tested for protection.  However, there is effort required.  As the receivers of the free gift of Salvation, we Christians hold a responsibility to pursue His pathways faithfully, to read His Map, to be guided by His Compass and to put on His protective gear that permits the Holy Spirit to work in our hearts so we may be righteously armed and ready.  

 Good Christians, do your part—abide in Christ Jesus where there is complete provision, total protection and true victory! 

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