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 Feed Shod with the Preparation of the Gospel of Peace –

800px-Caligae from sideCaligaeThough seemingly insignificant, foot protection is essential in navigating a path of debris and guarding one’s health.  Without the use of one’s feet, a soldier is vulnerable and open prey, lagging behind in the march.   Having one’s feet shod is to be prepared for treading upon otherwise, crippling terrain.  It is the support—the foundation—that our entire body depends upon for unfettered ambulation.  Likewise, the gospel of peace—the message of Christ—prepares our lives for action, protects us from being crippled by sin and allows us to stride forward in the march of life.

“The preparation of the gospel signifies a prepared and resolved frame of heart, to adhere to the gospel and abide by it, which will enable us to walk with a steady pace in the way of religion, notwithstanding the difficulties and dangers that may be in it.”9


Christ’s words brought peace “These things I have spoken unto you, that in Me ye might have peace” (Jn. 16:33).  We find that peace comes from loving God’s law: “Great peace have they which love Thy law: and nothing shall offend them” (Ps. 119: 165). “The work of righteousness shall be peace” (Is. 32:17).  Perfect peace comes to those “whose mind is stayed” on the Lord (Is. 26:3).  Christians are exhorted to “follow after peace” (He. 12:14).  The next generation being instructed in the ways of the Lord holds a promise: “great shall be the peace of thy children” (Is. 54:13).