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A Woman's Right


A Woman's Right

Rebekah L. Holt


A Woman’s Right!

What is this?

Three words that find their measure,

Snuffing out a gift—a child,

A human life meant to treasure.


A Woman’s Right!

Can this justify?

Suppressing evidence and ethical absolution?

Truth be told—it’s a crime!

Millions expelled by abortive ablution.


A Woman’s Right!

Can it be?

A pumping heart stops beating.

A missing life—a person lost.

Generations never breathing.


A Woman’s Right!

Does it merit?

Abortion-on-demand thus classified,

Political right—and moral law,

While babies are mortally horrified?


A Woman’s Right!

Does it differ?

From an American slave worked nation?

Socially demanded—upheld by law!

An atrocity of human discrimination.


A Woman’s Right!

Cannot be right!

When exterminating as if a mission.

Unwanted babies—protect their rights!

Each deserves the American vision.


A Woman’s Right!

A hard choice?

To grant a bequest to us?

A breath of air—a matchless life.

Not a mere glob of fetus.


A Woman’s Right!

I denounce fully!

Though decreed as “Politically correct.”

Abortion kills—murdering millions,

Denying rights to all but a privileged select.


A Woman’s Right!

Then I stand!

Demanding recognition.

A right to live—for all, for all!!

Each human—no exception.


A Woman’s Right!

Truth is ours!

Science declares with vivacity!

At conception—life begins,

Designed with unique complexity.


A Woman’s Right!

Use it well!

Speak the truth with conviction!

Human worth—Cherished. Specific.

Bearing an Image since Creation.


A Woman’s Right!

Arise to fight!

Protect the innocent and defenseless!

End Abortion’s womb holocaust.

America—Awake! Come to your senses!


We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Declaration of Independence, 1776